Continuous Flow Bathroom Extractor Fan

Continuous flow bathroom extractor fans are ventilation devices designed to regulate air quality and moisture levels in bathrooms. They operate by continuously drawing air out of the space at a steady rate, typically around 5 litres per second.

Key Benefits:

  • Quiet Operation: Their low noise output makes them less intrusive, encouraging use throughout the night.
  • Consistent Air Extraction: The constant airflow helps mitigate common ducting issues associated with intermittent fans.
  • Aids in Drying: By maintaining airflow, they assist in drying clothes that may be hung in the bathroom.
  • Humidity Control: They are particularly effective at reducing humidity levels overnight, which is crucial in preventing condensation and mould growth.
  • Energy Efficiency: While there is some thermal loss, estimated at a cost of around £120 annually, the benefits of improved air quality and moisture control can outweigh this cost.
  • Maintenance: To ensure efficiency, these fans require regular cleaning and operational checks, especially important for landlords to maintain property standards.
  • Performance Monitoring: Utilising thermostats or data loggers can help monitor and verify the fan’s performance.
  • Installation: They are relatively straightforward to install as a new fixture or as a replacement for an existing fan, provided the existing system is compatible with an overrun feature.

Considerations for Installation:

  • Professional Installation Recommended: An electrician should carry out the installation to ensure safety and compliance with electrical standards.
  • Compatibility: If replacing an existing fan, the new unit should be compatible with the overrun feature of the current system, which allows the fan to continue running after the light is switched off.
  • Additional Requirements: In cases where the existing fan does not have an overrun, additional electrical work may be necessary, such as running an extra cable.

Product Example:

  • Elta Mori dMEV: This model is an example of a continuous flow bathroom extractor fan available from various retailers, including Amazon. It is designed to meet the needs outlined above and is suitable for a range of bathroom setups, particularly beneficial for internal bathrooms without direct external ventilation.

In summary, continuous flow bathroom extractor fans are a reliable solution for maintaining air quality and managing moisture in bathrooms, particularly in settings where constant and quiet operation is advantageous. Their installation and maintenance are straightforward, making them a practical choice for both new and existing bathroom setups.

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