Dr. Meter Moisture

A moisture meter is the easiest way to monitor improvement, or deterioration of dampness in walls, wood and other material.

Available on Amazon, Dr. Meter moisture meter shines with its 2-in-1 functionality. Incorporating both pinless radio frequency scanning and conductance or pin modes.

The Dr. Meter Wood Moisture Meter stands out as the best at its price, in my opinion. I use this tool as a back-up to the Protimeter Surveymaster, sometimes in preference. There is very little notable difference in accuracy and features between the two despite a massive price difference. The Surveymaster does have probes and a method for calibrating the meter, neither are particularly useful for a homeowner and neither can be used in radio frequency mode, which is the most import mode.

Pinless radio frequency mode offers a non-invasive method to trace moisture to its source, and it’s particularly effective in mapping dampness within walls. By logging the readings, especially when the meter indicates a relative dampness of 99, at different heights and positions over a period, say monthly, you can give you a clear picture of the drying down process, particularly towards the base of the walls. This data is crucial in evaluating the progress of drying interventions, allowing for an informed assessment of whether additional measures might be necessary. Note make sure to be in the right setting for building or wood.

The less useful, conductance or pin-type mode provides a damp reading for the surface of a variety of materials. Follow manufacturers guidance, noting to be in the right setting for building or wood.

Utilising the Dr. Meter Wood Moisture Meter, especially in its radio frequency mode, significantly empowers you in managing moisture within your premises. By providing accurate data and the ability to track changes over time, it facilitates a well-informed, proactive approach towards achieving and maintaining a damp-free environment. The investment in such a tool is a stride towards safeguarding the durability and comfort of your home or property, making the task of managing moisture a less daunting endeavour.

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