Improve Bathroom Ventilation

Upgrading your bathroom extractor fan is a significant step towards enhancing ventilation. It’s optimal to place fans near the shower head (maintaining a safe distance to avoid water splashes), ensuring they operate during and for at least 30 minutes post-shower or bath to effectively remove vapour. Wiring the fan with an overrun is beneficial, although it may constitute a major portion of the installation cost. It’s important to note that most manufacturers set their fans with a 1-minute overrun; this should be increased to 30 minutes. Ensure your installer makes this adjustment and checks it, as many are unaware. Verify that the fan is expelling air from the external exit hole at a rate of at least 15 l/s by using an anemometer or checking with an A4 piece of paper – it should blow at least 45°.

For properties being prepared for tenants, a continuous flow bathroom extractor fan like the Brookvent Airstream DMEV 100 HT, priced around £300, aids in maintaining a dry and well-ventilated bathroom. This can substantially reduce bathroom humidity levels, helping to prevent condensation and mould growth. However, it does lead to increased energy costs due to heat loss from the averaged vapour load, especially after the bathroom has dried out. This makes it a suitable option for properties with limited ventilation control, such as rented properties, hotels, offices, and guest houses.

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