Monitor improvements

Monitor improvements in moisture content of walls is the systematic observation and recording of changes over time in the condition of a property’s damp issues. It involves using tools and methods to track whether the moisture levels in the building materials are decreasing, which indicates effective damp remediation.

To effectively monitor improvements:

  1. Use a Moisture Meter: A device like the Dr. Meter Wood Moisture Meter 2 in 1 Pin & Pinless Multifunctional Water Detector is essential. Priced at approximately £23.99, it can measure the level of moisture in walls non-invasively.
  2. Logging Data: Regularly, weekly or monthly, log moisture readings to track changes over time. This data will help in assessing the effectiveness of the damp treatment applied, and confirm or direct you to the root cause of damp.
  3. Understanding Drying Time: Be aware that a wall typically takes about one month per 25mm thickness to dry out. However, this can be extended if the wall has been coated with impermeable materials.
  4. Direction of Drying: Walls generally dry towards the coldest and lowest damp spot. This often means moisture will move downwards towards the base of the wall.

By monitoring improvements, homeowners can gain reassurance that the steps they are taking to address damp are working, and they can make informed decisions about further actions if necessary.

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