Protimeter was the first to commercialise the use of damp meter to find damp. They started with the two pin conductance meters. Te added the radio frequency damp meters. Now they offer a combined radio frequency and conductance damp meter, which is the most popular amongst independent at damp surveys.

Protimeter Surveymaster BLD5365 Moisture Meter

Identifying and tracing the source of dampness within homes is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and comfort of your living space. However, it’s pertinent to note that a damp meter alone cannot determine the root cause of damp, yet it serves as a powerful tool in tracing damp, confirming its presence, and monitoring improvements over time. I have tested walls with the Protimeter Surveymaster BLD5365 Moisture Meter for many years and it has proven its worth in the professional field of damp surveying.

The Protimeter Surveymaster is available on Amazon.

The radio frequency mode is particularly significant in this meter. It operates on a relative scale (REL) where readings below 200REL indicate dry conditions for plasterboard, and below 300REL for solid brick walls. A reading of 999REL signifies water-saturated conditions deep down to about 7mm. This mode is indispensable for profiling moisture levels, tracing it to its source, and monitoring the drying process by logging the decrease in dampness in the same zone weekly. For solid walls, a range of 300REL to about 600REL indicates humid conditions, while 999REL reflects saturation deep inside.

I’ve compared the Protimeter Surveymaster to other meters and found that while it is notably more expensive, its performance, especially in the radio frequency mode, is exemplary. It facilitates an informed approach to managing moisture, thus contributing significantly towards achieving and maintaining a damp-free environment. The Protimeter Surveymaster is ideal for professional use, legal proceedings, and demonstrating professional competence, owing to fast search mode, calibratable pin mode and professional appearance.

Moreover, the conductance or pin-type mode on this meter measures the electrical conductance of salts in water as a proxy for dampness, providing a range from 8WME to 99WME with readings below 20 – 30 WME depending on material type, is considered dry. This mode is less useful compared to the radio frequency mode but provides a quick surface damp reading on a variety of materials.

In conclusion, the Protimeter Surveymaster BLD5365 Moisture Meter is a robust tool for anyone serious about accurately tracing and managing moisture within their premises. While the investment is higher compared to other meters like the Dr.wood moisture meter, the Protimeter Surveymaster’s precision, professional appeal, and reliability make it a worthy asset for anyone keen on thorough moisture management.

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